"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort"

John Ruskin

For many people, money is their motivation; for others, it’s a desire to create something beautiful. For Perrin reels, in Gloucestershire, it’s definitely the latter.

From start to finish

Each reel takes three to four months to complete and is unique. They begin life as a billet (block) of aluminum and go through a process were the reel cage is machined first, with only the reel’s size, width and line weight in mind, then the spool is made to fit. The remaining fittings are made from brass, except the clicker, which is stainless steel. Even the chamois reel bags are sewn in our workshop.

Shop in stock

Manufactured by hand, in the UK. All reels are unique and handmade in our UK workshop, with traditional engineering techniques and no CNC input at all. Every reel is built as a one off and is unique, with each part made for that reel.