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#4 / 5 Black and grey raised pillar fly reel

#4 / 5 Black and grey raised pillar fly reel

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A simply beautiful 3"" raised pillar, click pawl fly reel, suitable for #4 or 5 weight lines, finished in a black with a light grey spool. Complete with solid hand polished British brass fittings. This reel is a perfect match for cane or glass flyrods. This reel is for LHW fly fishers.

This reel weighs 135 grams and would suit a four or five weight line or a three weight with a bit more backing if you fancy it. It's quite a versatile reel due to the more traditional deep spool with a smaller arbor.

It is finished with cerakote, which is a very high tech ceramic coating, with exceptional protective qualities, and unrivalled corrosion resistance. This also gives the colour to the reel.

 The reel is finished with a chamois bag, which is also made by us and high quality protective box.

 This reel is unique as every part of the reel is handmade and hand finished in our UK workshop, with traditional engineering techniques and no CNC input at all. Each reel is built on its own, with no other reel the same, even if it looks a similar style. 

 Our reels really are "Tradition, without compromise".

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