Tradition without compromise.

Unique handmade fly fishing reels. Manufactured by hand in Gloucestershire, England


  • Trout and Salmon Feb 23

    Detailed in the February 2023 edition of Trout and Salmon in their section "Tackle - a closer look", with the main heading "Objects of Passion"

  • Jono, UK, Aug 23

    just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Raised Pillar Reel you’ve made for me. Knowing that you’ve made every component by hand makes me even more impressed with the outstanding quality of it and I can’t wait to take it out on the river. A genuine heirloom object I’m delighted to own.Jono, Gloucestershire UK

  • David Marriott, WTT Oct 23

    I have just taken delivery of an impulse buy. For no particular reason, I decided that I needed to own a bespoke Perrin reel. As I recall, there are no pockets in shrouds and anyway, money spent on fishing related items doesn’t count. Ben Perrin, a keen supporter of the Wild Trout Trust, had shown me an example of his beautiful work at the BFFI earlier this year. It had slipped my mind, but recently he has been promoting his reels on Instagram and I was prompted to get in touch with him. An interesting conversation ensued regarding the true meaning of left and right hand wind (I’m left handed and wind with my right, therefore RHW); whether I would like the drilled or solid face, what colour etc and before I knew it I’d paid a deposit and started a patient wait. Unlike my cherished Chris Lythe centrepin, which was three years in the making, Ben sent me regular progress reports and it arrived as promised, just before the end of the season. A thing of beauty in British racing green and black, with an attractive handle of malachite green resin, and its own soft chamois leather bag, its arrival coincided with a late season resurgence on the river. It was soon being put through its paces in a very satisfactory manner. I have a feeling that this might be the start of a collection.

Our values:

Tradition without compromise.

  • Quality.

    All of our reels are unique. They start as a billet of Aluminium, which is turned on lathe and mill, with no CNC or computer involvement, into a reel cage and spool. Each part is made for each reel, using the finest British brass and beautiful woods, selected for their individuality, such as Lignum Vitae, also known as the tree of life.

    The reels are finished with a handmade chamois fly reel bag, made specifically for the reel, and high quality box for transportaion and storage.

    These parts, together, make a fly reel that is of the highest quality, hand manufactured, hand finished and hand assembled, all in our Gloucestershire workshop. With high quality components and care in design and manufacture, your reel should last a lifetime and be ready for the next generation to use.

  • Tradition.

    Our reels are based on traditional ideals, with a modern twist.

    The idea's behind the first reels in 2012 were based on the reels made by the greatest reel maker, WH Dingley. A chance delivery of a book (incorrectly sent by the book seller, who should have sent a rod building book) all about Dingley, fired my interest in making reels. This was the seed of the initial designs, which have developed and organically matured, constantly being refined, into their current iteration.

  • Individuality.

    You can tell a Perrin reel from its design. Its traditional style with a modern and fresh twist. Although each is unique, due to the handmade nature of each piece, they follow similar design cues. The design is every changing, albeit subtly, meaning your Perrin reel will be like no other.